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A New Locker

Hi all!  I’m back with some fun and exciting news.  We just moved in to a new (well, new for us) house and we couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter.

I was so excited when I was contacted by schoollockers.com to review one of their lockers.  It was the perfect addition to my oldest son’s closet and we are slowly, but surely, getting organized–one day at a time.  I let him choose the style and color for his new locker.  Here’s what he picked.

This is the kids football locker from schoollockers.com.  My son is really into football these days, so this was an easy choice for him.  There are some cool features that he loves.  First is the seat that lifts up for him to store/hide toys.


He loves having his own secret spot for his stuff.  The hooks on the back of the locker are the perfect spot to hang his backpack and there is a bonus closet hanging bar at just below the top shelf as well.


It was a little tricky and heavy to put together, but we managed ok.  And in the end we have a very happy eight year old.  There are tons of styles, colors and sizes to choose from at schoollockers.com.  I always thought it would be cool as a kid to have a traditional style locker with a door in my closet.

Pink Kids Locker


Or one of these mini lockers ones would make a perfect nightstand.

Orange Mini Kids Locker


A set of lockers in a mudroom could be a great storage solution.  I would LOVE to have a whole row of these open front lockers.  One for each family member.

Open Front Locker Natural Finish Oak


Head over to schoollockers.com and check out their vast variety of lockers.


  1. Sara says:

    You had the coolest site before all of your moving. :) I hope you decide to start blogging regularly again. I’ve put a bunch of your ideas to work and loved them!!

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