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Clever Organization

Here’s a look at some of the most clever storage/organization ideas I’ve seen around the blogosphere lately.  I’ve definitely got some spring cleaning on my mind.

 For Cleaning Supplies

Under Sink Tension Rod


Shoe Organizer

For Shoes

Wall-Mounted Crates

Shoe Ladder

For Wrapping Paper

Ikea Grocery Bag Holders

In the Bathroom

PVC Pipe Curling Iron Holders

Magnetic Make-Up Board

All these ideas have me motivated to get my house in order.

Creative Storage Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Ribbon Ring

Are you getting lost in your big piles of ribbon?  I found a very creative storage idea for taming and organizing all those ribbon scraps you probably have stuffed into a ziploc bag.  It’s called the ribbon ring.  It helps you see what ribbon and how much of it you’ve got in a very decorative fashion.  You can easily hang it up and all your ribbon will stay wrinkle free and beautiful.  Here is a product review and here is where you can buy this.  It’s only $8.00!  I love a cheap and fabulous idea!

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Creative Storage Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Storage Desk

Need a desk?  You can create your own by using two desk-height bookcases.  Add an inexpensive slab door on top and you’ve got a great work space that packs in functional storage.  Search for bookcases at thrift stores and use some paint to give them a brand new look.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great piece of furniture.

Come back tomorrow for a new creative storage idea.

Creative Storage Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Hanging Shoe Organizer

A creative way to get your office, craft, and art supplies off your desk is with a hanging shoe organizer.  It’s an instant, affordable storage system that is functional and provides enough different compartments to keep everything in its place.  What I like most about these pictures is the way the organizer is hung.  Use a curtain rod and some clips to hang your organizer instead of on the back of a door.  It acts as a window treatment and slides back and forth for easy access.  Even if you don’t have a window, you can still get the look by hanging your curtain rod on any wall.  This is a simple, fun way to store and display your items.

Come back tomorrow for a new creative storage idea.

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Creative Storage Ideas

Budget Tip of the Day: Hymnal Racks

Here is a creative storage idea that will save you money and valuable floor space.  Turn old hymnal racks into wall mount bookshelves.  These are perfect for storing books in a kids room or small space.  You can find similar book racks at Pottery Barn Kids and other high end stores, but you will pay a lot for them.  These are just as cute and functional.  Paint them to match your decor and use them in place of a standing bookshelf or night stand.  I’ve found some affordable racks on ebay and a few on Etsy.

Come back tomorrow for a new creative storage idea.

This Week: Creative Storage Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Vintage Mailboxes

Old mailboxes are a fun way to bring some creative storage into your home.  They are so charming and can be brought back to life with a little spray paint.  Turn them into an eye-catching and functional display by hanging them on a wall.  You could use them to sort mail, place notes and files, or assign one to each family member to keep everyone organized.  You can also use the outside magnetic surface for extra notes and reminders.  If your mailbox has the old newspaper hooks, use them to store keys, jackets, or hats.  You can find lots of vintage mailboxes on ebay.  Sort through all the expensive ones and you’ll find a bunch that are priced around $10.00 a piece.

Come back tomorrow for a new creative storage idea and don’t forget to check out the new budget items of the week on the sidebar.

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