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Decorating With Burlap

Budget Tip of the Day: Burlap Covered Bulletin Board

Creating a custom bulletin board is a snap with any fabric.  You can do this with any bulletin board or with a picture frame.

Thrift stores are full of old bulletin boards and frames that are perfect for this project.  You can check out my thrift store bulletin boards here.  Spray adhesive will work best for using burlap.  Just cut your fabric to size and adhere to the board.  Cover the edges with some ribbon or nail head trim.  You can also turn an old picture frame into a bulletin board.

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Just wrap your burlap around the main board.  Secure to the back with a staple gun or use your adhesive.  Pop it into the frame and you’re good to go.  Burlap comes in a variety of colors and textures–some really rough and others a little smoother and tightly woven.  You can find a fantastic selection at

Decorating With Burlap

Budget Tip of the Day: Burlap Lampshade

Just a little bit of burlap can add big impact in a space.  Try using it to cover a lampshade.  This is another really easy and inexpensive project.  Just wrap it around your shade and secure with fabric glue or spray adhesive.  Finish the edges with some ribbon or trim, or leave as is.  I love pairing burlap with a contrasting element or texture, like this shiny lamp base.  The contrast is awesome and so gorgeous.

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Decorating With Burlap

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Budget Tip of the Day: Burlap Runner

Add some rustic charm to any table by making a burlap table runner.  This really couldn’t be an easier or cheaper to pull off.  Just cut your burlap about 2 feet longer than the length of your table.  Simply fray all the edges to your liking and you’re done.  Simple and beautiful.

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Decorating With Burlap

Budget Tip of the Day: Burlap Curtains

When you think of burlap, curtains are probably not the first thing to come to mind.  But hey, why not?  Burlap actually makes a lot of sense for window treatments because it filters the light and lets it in, but no one can see in from the outside–privacy problem solved!

This stuff does shed quite a bit while you’re working with it, but once it’s complete, it will add such great organic texture to your space.  I love the natural, airy look it gives the windows.

You can easily make your own panels for super cheap.  You can get this stuff for two to three dollars a yard if you use a coupon at your fabric store.  Use some stitch witchery to make this a no-sew project that will take you just minutes to complete.  View the complete tutorial here.

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This Week: Decorating With Burlap

Burlap is one of my favorite fabrics because it’s so versatile.  It has the look of linen for a fraction of the price.  It is very durable and is an easy way to add some texture and interest to a space.  This week is full of burlap decorating projects that are simple and affordable.

Budget Tip of the Day: Burlap Mat

Here’s an easy project that takes minutes to make and just a little bit of burlap.

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Turn an ordinary picture frame into something extra special by covering the mat with fabric.  All you need is a mat, fabric, spray adhesive, and scissors.  These are so fun and look fabulous!  You can find the complete tutorial here.  This is also an easy way to change up your decor throughout the year.  You can use any kind of fabric for these.  Make a few different mats and swap them out for a new look whenever you want.

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