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One More Ikea Lack Side Table Hack

Budget Tip of the Day: Embellished Table

I saw this idea posted on Jenny’s blog last year and the idea has stuck with me.  If you’re not keen on the squareness of the lack side table, you can dramatically change the look with some simple corbels or decorative brackets from any home improvement store.


via Little Green Notebook



via House Beautiful


via MWM


Although the above pics are not made with the lack side table, this looks like a very easy look to copy.  Just attach the corbels with liquid nails, fill the gaps with wood filler, sand, and paint.  I love how something so simple can completely change the entire look.  I’m adding this one to my long list of diy projects.

I’ll be enjoying the holiday weekend with my family.  We are looking forward to an extra day together, so I won’t be posting on Monday.  I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by.  You guys are the best!  Have a happy and safe holiday.

Ikea Lack Side Table–Coffee Table

Budget Tip of the Day: Easy Coffee Table

Today’s tip couldn’t be any easier.  Create a coffee table by pairing two lack side tables together.

If you have a larger space, put four together to form a square.  Yes, you could buy the inexpensive lack coffee table, but I really like the look of the two smaller side tables together a little more.


You could also attach casters to the bottom of each leg (also sold at Ikea) to make it easy to move if needed.  Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go.

This next one is such a fun idea.  They put a lack side table next to a lack coffee table for a little kids art/reading zone.


Aren’t all these rooms gorgeous?!

Come back tomorrow for one more Ikea lack side table idea.

Ikea Lack Side Table Cube

Budget Tip of the Day: Knock off Cube

I’m SO excited to share today’s tip with you guys.  This is probably my favorite idea for the lack side table.  You can get the same look as an expensive cube side table by putting two lack side tables together.

Take a look at the lovely parsons cube side table from West Elm ($149.00).


Now take a look at these made from Ikea lack side tables.

via Casa Sugar

via Modernests

via Modernests


Just attach two legs to each table, flip one over, and use some liquid nails to adhere them together.  So for about $16.00 plus the cost of liquid nails, you have yourself a beautiful side table with built in storage underneath.  A-maz-ing!


Come back tomorrow for another Ikea lack side table idea.

Ikea Lack Side Table–Turned Ottoman

via everything leb

Budget Tip of the Day: Easy Ottoman

Need a place to prop up your feet and relax?  Well the Ikea lack side table comes to the rescue once again.  Just add a cushion on top and you’re good to go.  You could also slide two or three of these tables together and top it with a longer cushion for an instant bench.  You can secure the cushion with velcro to make sure it stays put.  How easy it that!  Are you falling in love with this table yet?  I hope you do by the end of this week.


Come back tomorrow for another Ikea lack side table idea.

This Week: Ikea Lack Side Tables

I spent almost every day last week at Ikea.  What was I doing there?  Well I was designing my mom’s new kitchen!!  I’m so excited to share the upcoming transformation with you in the coming weeks.  But in my many many long hours at Ikea, the direct walkway to the kitchen section always had me passing by the lovely lack side tables.



These are only $7.99!!!!  I’ve used these before for various projects just as they are.  But these babies can be transformed to be even more awesome and used for more than just a side table.  They come in lots of colors and are actually very sturdy.  With a price tag like that, it’s so affordable to make something amazing for your home.  This week I’ll give you 5 different ways with the lack side table.


Budget Tip of the Day: Add Nailheads

Remember all the nailhead trim tips from a few weeks ago?  Well I’ve been saving one more especially for this week.  This is so easy to do.  Just attach your nailheads or nailhead trim to the table edges using a rubber mallet.  Here are a few expensive side tables.




Although not exact, they have the same shape as the lack side table and are easy to copy.

Now take a look at these Ikea lack side tables all decked out with nailhead trim.


via BHG


Aren’t they fabulous?!  Just like the real thing–almost.  But for $7.99 a piece you can’t beat it.


Come back tomorrow for another Ikea lack side table idea.  We’re just getting started!