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Framed Ikat Fabric

I have a bit of a fabric obsession, as you know.  I’m especially drawn to the beauty of ikat fabrics.  I love the idea of framing a large piece of it to create a beautiful and inexpensive piece of artwork.

I don’t even mind the loose wrinkles in the fabric above.  It sort of gives the space a more casual feel.

You can get a quality ikat fabric anywhere from $15-$40 a yard.  Most of them run 54 inches wide, so just one yard of fabric would give you a large 36 x 54 inch piece of artwork.  That’s a great price for something that big.  Look for a large frame at a flea market or thrift store and cut your fabric to fit whatever size frame you find.



It’s just lovely, I think!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you back here on Monday.

Affordable Artwork

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Today I’ve got a few helpers with me to show you an easy and affordable artwork idea.  Enjoy!

What to Put on My Walls?

Budget Tip of the Day: Stenciled Wall

If you’re struggling to fill up a large wall in your home, a stencil can be the answer you’ve been looking for.  A great pattern on the wall can stand alone and eliminate the need for any additional artwork.  It is a cheaper option than wallpaper and gives you a look that’s just as fabulous.  You can make it bold or subtle depending on your choice of paint color.  Stick with just one wall to create a stunning focal point.

If you’ve got more time than cash, a stencil is for you.  Cutting Edge Stencils is a great place to find some fabulous patterns.

I hope you’ve been inspired from all the ideas the past 2 weeks.  I’ll be back here on Monday to share my must have tools for decorating on a budget.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

What to Put on My Walls?

Budget Tip of the Day: Collections

The best kind of wall decor is something that is personal to you or that tells a story.  If you have a collection (big or small) why not put it on your walls where you can enjoy it.  Anything can be turned into wall art with a little creativity.  If you got small pieces, try putting them in a shadow box, or play around with different ways you could display them.  There is no right or wrong.  Here are some ideas to get those wheels turning.










What kind of collections do you guys have?  How do you display them?

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What to Put on My Walls

Budget Tip of the Day: Shadow Box Frames

Shadow boxes are a great way to display and admire your tangible memories.  Whether it’s a vacation, child’s birth, sports team, or family heirlooms, a shadow box is the perfect way to get those keepsakes out of the closet and onto the wall.  You’ve already got the stuff to create the best kind of personalized artwork you can find.

via Real Simple


You can use any type of deep frame as a shadow box.  If it’s not an actual shadow box, you’ll need to create a backing so you can push pins in to hold up the items.  You can do this using foam core or cork board.  Just cut it to size and wrap with fabric or decorative paper.


Grab your mementos and start arranging them as you would with a scrapbook page.  Start pinning things in place and layer items to create some depth.



via Real Simple


Here are some more ideas…



Beachy Shells and Decor

Sweet Little Baby Clothes

Baby Shoes Growth Chart

I’m swooning over all those adorable baby items.  It’s time for me to get my act together and put my kids special keepsakes where I can enjoy them.

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What to Put on My Walls

Budget Tip of the Day: DIY Bookshelf

Instead of placing art and photos on a wall, you can fill the space with some inexpensive diy bookshelves.

via Real Simple


All you need are three L-brackets and one book per shelf.


via Real Simple

Find a grouping of books that look good together.  Decide on your spacing and then attach the L-brackets to the wall (2 on bottom and another smaller one on top for added security).


via Real Simple


Use the books as the shelf and display accessories, light objects, or a few more stacked books on top.  So easy and fabulous!


via Real Simple


I think this could also be fun in a kids room using some of your favorite children’s books.


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What to Put on My Walls?–Part 2

I’m so excited to bring you another week of “What to Put on My Walls?”  I’ve got some great ideas in store for you this week and a boat load of inspirational pics.  So let’s get started!!


Budget Tip of the Day: Empty Frames

Picture frames by themselves can become a beautiful art piece when grouped together.  No more stressing about which photos or artwork to hang because you don’t need any.  But there are a few tricks to pulling off a successful empty frame look.


  1. Use a variety of frame sizes and styles:  The more contrast you have, the more interesting your wall will look.  Craft stores sell unfinished frames that look great for a project like this.  Thrift stores are overflowing with old frames that just need a little spray paint love.  Grab a bunch of sizes and styles to give the wall some dimension.  Your frames do not need to be expensive.
  2. Unify the frames with color:  You want a collected group of frames that don’t look they came from the exact same store, but usually your wall will look better if the frames are all the same color.  No worries–spray paint is your best friend here.
  3. Layer the frames:  Don’t spread your frames out too far.  They should be fairly close to create a statement.  Use more frames than you think you’ll need and try layering them on top of each other for some added depth.  Play around with them on the floor until you find a configuration you love.


OK, enough babbling.  Let’s get to the inspiration shall we?!












I’m loving these not so empty–empty frames.

Are you feeling inspired yet?  This is going to be a fun week.

Come back tomorrow for more “What to Put on My Walls.”

What to Put on My Walls

Budget Tip of the Day: Picture Hanging Structure

I was totally smitten when I say this idea and I’m so excited to share it with you.  I few pieces of wood and some pants hangers are all you need to make this cool photo structure.  It’s really fun way to display photos, artwork, anything.  Something like this also adds dimension and interest to a bare, flat wall.


via TrendHome

Here is what you need:

6 one by four boards (cut to size)

Wood pants hangers

Decorative knobs

Wood stain or Paint

Wood Glue


Start by arranging the boards in your desired grid.  Lay the vertical pieces down first and put the horizontal pieces on top.  Secure the pieces together using wood glue and screws where the pieces intersect.  If you don’t want the screws to show, use countersunk screws and fill the holes with wood filler.  Once the glue and filler are dry, sand the structure using 220 grit fine sandpaper.  Wipe clean and apply your stain or paint.  If using stain, let it dry for 24 hours.  Attach the whole structure to the wall using drywall anchors and screws.  Attach your knobs and hang your artwork from the pants hangers.


It seems like a lot of steps, but they are easy to do.  Anyone can make this and the only power tool you need is a drill.


I hope this week has given you some new ideas for filling up your wall space.  I still have so many more ideas to share with you so I’m continuing this series next week.  Stay tuned for more “What to Put on my Walls.”  Hope everyone has a fun weekend!



What to Put on My Walls?

Budget Tip of the Day: Molding Frame

Molding is a great way to give a plain, flat space some architectural interest.  It can stand on it’s own as the “artwork” for any wall or it can act as a frame for something inside.

What I’m loving right now is this dual frame–one molding frame inside another.   I love the idea of painting each piece out a different color.  Leave it as is or place a framed picture on display inside.


Here is an idea to bring some pattern into a space.  If you don’t have the budget (or guts) for a full wallpapered wall, apply just a piece and then frame it out with molding on top.

via In the Little Yellow House



I LOVE this next frame within a frame idea with a stenciled background.  So fantastic and so affordable!


It’s really easy to install molding, so don’t be afraid.  You’ll need to cut all your pieces on a 45 degree angle.  They will come together in the corners like a picture frame.  If you don’t have a saw, take your measurements with you to the store and they will cut it for you.  Use a level to piece them together and attach to the wall with a nail gun.

What to Put On my Walls?

Budget Tip of the Day: Picture Ledge

A picture ledge is a great way to use a large chunk of wall space.  It allows you to swap framed photos in and out and is a great alternative to a gallery wall of individually placed frames.








I have three of these picture ledges in my home and I love them.  They also come in a longer size.  It gives me the freedom to change things up whenever I want.  You can use any kind of shelf, but it’s best to find one with a ledge so you don’t have to worry about your pictures falling off.


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