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Decorating for Renters

folding screen

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Budget Tip of the Day: Folding Screen

Folding screens can help to solve a lot of problems for renters.  First, they can bring in some color and pattern to a bland, neutral space.  Second, they can act as a room divider and create a separate nook for a room that serves multiple functions.  Third, they can be used to cover anything unsightly like old paneling or a radiator.   Fourth, they require no mounting to the wall and can be folded away and moved to different parts of your space if needed.  You could place one behind a bed for an instant headboard, or simply stand one behind a couch or in a corner to add some color and interest to the room.  Try to find an affordable one at a thrift store, e-bay, or craigslist.   You can always refinish, paint, or upholster something that is old and outdated.  Whether you use it simply for decor or as a needed functional item in your space, a screen can be a beautiful thing for anyone who is renting their home.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Removable wall decals are a great way to brighten a kid’s room.

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