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floating furnitureBudget Tip of the Day: Floating Furniture

If your budget just won’t allow for a new piece of furniture, this is an easy decorating trick that will save you money and space. Welcome: floating furniture. It’s simple. Any shelf can be mounted to the wall and used as a nightstand, entry console table, desk, or bookshelf. The cheapest option is your home improvement store. Buy an unfinished wood shelf and brackets, paint, and install. If you want something more decorative or already finished, try IKEA. They have plenty of floating or bracketed shelves with a budget-friendly price tag. By using a shelf instead of a bulky furniture piece, you instantly create a room that feels more open and spacious. This decorating trick is perfect for anyone living in a low square footage space–or anyone on a very tight budget.

floating furniturefloating furniture


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