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No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Budget Tip of the Day: Pumpkin Spiders

Turn your pumpkins into something else this season–like a spooky creature.  You probably have most of the needed supplies around your house and yard.  Here’s what you need:

3 Pumpkins ( in graduated sizes)

6 Bamboo Skewers

8 Branches (curved if possible)

Black Spray Paint

2 Googly Eyes or Buttons

Start by removing the stems of the middle and largest pumpkin.  You might have to carve them out a little.  Stick 3 skewers each into the top and bottom of the middle pumpkin.  Push the skewers into the smallest and largest pumpkin to secure all three together.  Attach some craft store googly eyes or buttons with hot glue.  Spray paint the branches black, rotating them as you go.  Stick four small holes in each side of the middle pumpkin and/or attach the branches with hot glue.  Pretty simple and loads of fun!  This creature will definitely be making a stop at our house on Halloween night.


What are you guys doing with your pumpkins this year?  Any great no-carve ideas on the list?

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