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No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Budget Tip of the Day: Spider Web Pumpkins

These tangled spider webs are so much fun and the kids are sure to love them.


via Woman's Day


All you need is a roll of twine, hot glue, and a few plastic spiders.  Start by gluing one end of the twine to the bottom of the pumpkin.  Loop the twine up toward the stem and continue to wrap it all the way around the pumpkin vertically.  Then start wrapping the twine loosely around the stem and continue to make loose loops from top to bottom.  Use hot glue to secure the twine along the way when needed.  Use the glue to secure a few spiders to your web and you’re done.  I’m definitely making these this year!


Come back tomorrow for more no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

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