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Some News & A Sale

Today I have some very exciting (but also a little sad) news.

We are MOVING!!!! 

It is a pretty bittersweet thing for me right now.  Some days I’m excited and other days I’m so sad to leave my home behind.   After all, I’ve put so much blood, sweat, and tears into this place to make it what it has become.  And all the memories!!  That’s the hardest part.  I was looking forward to taking a break from decorating our home for a while, and to finally relax and enjoy living there.  I mean, this was all five years in the making.  But just when I finished, our plans totally changed.

We were tentatively planning to move next summer, so I knew it was coming–just not this soon.  So why are we moving, you might ask.  Well there are a few reasons.  First, we are really outgrowing our house.  It’s not that large and doesn’t have a basement.  Storage is tight and we just need more space for our growing family.  We would still like to have one more baby and this house just doesn’t have enough bedrooms.  Second, now is a great time to buy a house.  Interest rates are still very low and we really want to take advantage of the market right now.

That brings me to the next question:  Where are we going?  Well, we are downsizing–but only short term.  It has been our goal for a while to have a solid down payment on our next house, and to do that we still need to save a little more.  So we are moving in to my mom’s basement for a few months.  It will be a shocking change for us, but we know it will just be for a little while.  We want to take our time looking for a new house and don’t want to feel rushed at all.  We are hoping to find a house that we can stay in for a very long time.  It will most definitely be a fixer-upper of some sorts that we can renovate and make it exactly how we want.  That is the dream.

We plan on renting our house long term and keeping it as an investment for the future.  But now we have to pack and move!  I’m dreading this process.  There is so much to do in just a short time.  We plan on being out before the end of the month so my kids can start the year off in their new schools.  And don’t worry–my mom’s house has plenty of rooms that are screaming for some design intervention.  So there will be lots of fun projects in the coming months.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m selling a lot of our stuff.  Tomorrow is the big day!

When we actually move into a new house, I really want a fresh start.  It’s a little hard for me to part with all the “stuff,” but we want to limit the amount of items we have to store.

Tomorrow I will have everything listed that is available.  The larger items will be local pickup only if you live in Utah. 
Check back early to get first dibs!


Favorite Things: Fabric

Today I wanted to share my latest fabric obsession with you.  It is the “Paradise Collection” from Calico Corners.  It’s such a yummy color scheme and I love the mix of patterns here.

If I could design an entire room around these fabrics, this is what I would do.  I’d start with an upholstered sofa in the tan Chevron Twill.  A couple upholstered chairs in the Samani Orange Ikat would be just dreamy.  I’m so in love with that corral-y orange color.  Next would be drapes in the floral branch Water Garden.  I would finish it off with a few pillows in the Normandy Stripe and Kelly Floral.

I always try to be budget savvy when designing a space, but the one place I always splurge is fabric.  It is worth the extra cost to buy quality fabrics because they have such a big impact on a space.  You won’t regret it one bit.


DIY Look For Less

I call today’s Look for Less, “Coastal Color.”  It’s the perfect blend of easy, breezy, coastal cool–with just a pop of bold color.  Love!


Ahh!  Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend a night there.  Well maybe you can!

Here is my more affordable version.

Look for Less-Coastal Color

To take the place of the artwork above the bed, I found this cool marbled paper.  Just pop it in a matted frame and voila!  Instant artwork that will look fantastic.  The headboard is not terribly expensive, but you could still save money by making one yourself.  The faux bamboo chandelier is a really unique piece that adds something special to the room.  I found a few on ebay, and although they don’t come cheap, it’s definitely a “splurge” item that is worth it, I think.  This one is a pretty close match to the original.

Click the image above to view all sources for this Look for Less.

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Have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Monday.

Home Tour Source List

Ok, as promised, I finally have the complete source list for all the items in my home.  Here is the breakdown.


Green Dresser: DIY

Lamp on Dresser: Target

Books: Thrift store

Wood Tray: Ross

Tufted Storage Bench: Ross

Pillow Fabric: “Slick” by P. Kaufmann (made by me)

Vertical Mirrors: Home Goods

Coat Hooks: Hobby Lobby

Living Room

Paint Color: “Driftwood Gray” (Martha Stewart @ Home Depot)

Sofa Slipcovers: Sure Fit 2 Piece Cover (found on ebay)

Pillows:  Made by me

Fireplace Tile: Home Depot

Green Lamps: Thrift store & DIY

Picture Ledges: Ikea

Media/Storage Console: Ikea Expedit

Curtain Fabric: Khandar (in Jewel) from Calico Corners

Area Rug: Home Goods

Ottoman: Thrift store (reupholstered)

Red Hutch: Tai Pan Trading

Baskets on Hutch: Target

Dining Room

Table: Unknown

Banquet Bench: DIY

Blue Eames Chairs: The Foundary

White Chairs: DIY

Starburst Mirror: Home Goods

Wall Sconces: Home Decorators Collection

Table Runner: Target


Cabinet Paint Color: “Pure White” (Sherwin Williams)

Green Wall Paint Color: “Rolling Hills”  (Behr paint)

Island Color:”   ” Sherwin Williams

Bar Stools: Pier One (purchased at Big Lots)

Butcher Block Counters: Ikea

Roman Shade: DIY

Picture Frames: Thrift store/DIY

Shelves and Canisters: Ikea

Striped Rug: Ikea

Master Bedroom

Paint Color: “Sonata” (Behr)

Headboard: DIY

Dresser: DIY

Curtains: Crate & Barrel Sheets

Chair: Thrift store (reupholstered)

Side Table: Thrift store

Armoire: Thrift store

White Picture Frames (above bed): Target

Picture Frames (above dresser): Michaels

All lamps and shades: Target

Nightstands: Overstock

Duvet Cover: Overstock

Bench: DIY

Pillows on Bed: Target and DIY

Yellow Tray: DIY

Round Trapeze Mirror: Target


Paint Color: “Ice Rink” (Martha Stewart @ Home Depot)

Desk: RC Willey Clearance

Sawhorse Desk: Thrift store

Bulletin Boards: Thrift store & DIY

Wrapping Station: DIY

Folding Art Table: Amazon

White Magazine Files: Ikea

Orange Storage Ottomans: Urban Outfitters

Chairs: Thrift store DIY

Fabric on chairs & Valance: “Wilmington in Multi”  from Calico Corners

Filing Cabinet: Thrift store & DIY

Boys Room

Wall Color: “Sonata” (Behr)

Dark Stripe Paint Color: “Midnight” (Dutch Boy)

Blue Bedding and Stripe Sheets: Target

Roman Shade & Pillow Fabric: “Giddy Festival Circles”

Orange Monogram Canvases: DIY

Road Signs Art: Hobby Lobby

Picture Frames: Target

Train Artwork: “The Little Train” childrens book

Dresser: Consignment Store

Lamp: Thrift store & DIY

Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters

White Nightstand: DIY

Brown Ottoman: Target


Paint Color (darker stripes): “Ripe Wheat” (Behr)

Crib & Dresser: Babies R Us

ABC Cards: The Land of Nod

Rocking Chair: Thrift Store (reupholstered)

Wall Bookshelf: The Land of Nod

Mini Suitcase Boxes: The Land of Nod

Clock: Baby Goes Vintage

Crib Bumper: Custom made item

Valance: Custom made item

Curtain Fabric: Moda Dots in Blue

Crib Sheet: Pottery Barn (found on ebay)

Giraffe Lamp: Home Goods

Red Doorknob Hooks: Hobby Lobby

Dresser Knobs: Hobby Lobby

Mobile: DIY

Area Rug: Target

Pouf: Willow Tree Decor (on Etsy)

Round Mirror: Hobby Lobby

Picture Frames: Target

Phew!  That was a long list.  You’ll notice that a lot of items are labeled as DIY.  Head to my official home tour and you’ll find links to each of these specific projects along the way.  If you would like specific links to certain items or if there’s something I missed, just shoot me an email and I’lll direct you where to go.

Up tomorrow is another fun DIY Look for Less!

DIY Planets Mobile

The boys room got a new addition this week.  Remember my favorite things post a few weeks ago about the printable chore charts?  Well, they filled them up last weekend and earned a new toy.  Except they didn’t choose a toy, they chose “glow in the dark planets.”  Apparently, my oldest has had his eye on these for months.  So I had to figure out a way to make this work in their room.


The pack included 9 planets with a little hook attached to the top of each one.  Rather than just hang them haphazardly from the ceiling, I turned it into more of a mobile that they can enjoy when they’re in bed each night.

Here is what I rounded up: the planets, fishing line, and a wooden dowel that I painted white.

I strung the fishing line through each planet and tied them to the dowel.  I hung each planet at random lengths.  To attach the whole thing to the ceiling, I attached to strings of fishing line to each end about a third of the way in.  I then tied those two lines together in the middle.  Finally, I wrapped the top of the line around a thumbtack and pushed that into the ceiling.  The planets came with some mounting putty, so I surrounded the thumb tack with a little of that for extra support.

In this picture you can see most of the fishing line–in case my explanation above was confusing.

It took a while to tie everything together, but it was pretty simple.  And the fishing line isn’t very noticeable in person.

 I made two of these and hung them over each bed.

One last look…

My boys couldn’t wait to go to bed the first night these were up (that’s a first!).  They are loving them and it adds a fun new dimension to their room.

Favorite Things: Olympics

There’s something you may not know about me, and that is…I’m an Olympics NUT!  I’m such a huge fan.  I normally don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am glued to the screen every night come Olympics season.  So in honor of the games, I thought it was fitting to do an Olympic theme for this week’s “favorite things”.  Here are some fun Olympic inspired items I found on Etsy.  Enjoy!


Welcome to London Art Print


Vintage Olympic Postage Stamps


Keep Calm Print  (I need this one!  I get so nervous and stressed when I watch.)


Olympic Rings Acrylic Painting



London Tube Map iPhone Case




Olympic Rings iPhone Case


Olympic Collection Makeup


I’m totally digging the eye shadow!

Is anyone else obsessed with the Olympics?!  My favorites are swimming and gymnastics.  What are your favorite events?

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Tiling My Fireplace

One of the final projects I took on in my living room was tiling the fireplace surround.  Since tiling my kitchen back splash, I was feeling pretty confident to tackle this spot–especially since it’s a smaller area and I wasn’t going to use individual tiles this time.

Here is a before picture.  This is pretty much how it looked when we moved in.  We added the mantle, but the molding surrounding the white area was already there.

Time to get started!  I picked up these mosaic tiles at Home Depot.  I went with a mix of stone and glass.  I wanted to keep the color neutral since there is already plenty of color in this room.

I didn’t want to rent a wet saw for this one, so I bought a tile cutter for $20.00 instead.  The cutter basically scores the tile and then allows you to press on it, and break wherever it was scored.  All my cuts were straight (no outlets or tricky things to work around here) so it was a good option for me.  If you are working around outlets, you’ll most likely need a wet saw.

Ok, moving on.  I learned what NOT to do after doing my back splash.  Namely, make SURE to cover the ground below before getting started.  I just laid down some plastic and taped it to the floor.

Time to tile!  It’s a pretty basic process.  You just evenly spread on the adhesive and press the tiles in place.  I started in the center and worked my way out and down on both sides.





Time to grout.  I waited a whole day after the tile was set to do the grout.  Here is where the mess begins (and where the plastic comes in handy).  I used a grout trowel to spread the grout all over the tile and a few sponges to wipe it off.  I had a large bucket of water right next to me, because you need to rinse the sponge frequently.  I changed the water about 3 times during the process.

This takes a bit of muscle because you really have to press it in between each tile.  I worked in sections, spreading the grout on and wiping the excess off with a sponge (sorry, no picture for the sponge step).

You don’t want to wait too long to start wiping, or it gets harder.  Be prepared for lots of falling grout and water during this process, and MAKE SURE to wear gloves.  This will make your life a little easier.


Finally done!

A few close ups.

If you’ve never done tiling, but have considered it, I would encourage you to give it a shot.  You learn a lot just by going through the process, and it’s definitely a doable project if you’re brave enough to try.

Just a side note: I’m about halfway done putting together the complete source list for all items in my home and will post that later this week.  If you’ve left a comment, I usually answer all questions within the comment section, so be sure to check back there as well.

DIY Look for Less & A Feature

Today my home tour is being featured at 6th Street Design School.  Yeah!  If you’re visiting from over there, WELCOME!!  I hope you pull up a comfy chair, grab a snack, and stay a while.


Now on to today’s Look For Less.  This stunning kids room was done by designer Amie Corley, and it’s just pure loveliness.  It feels like it could be a grown up space, but has just enough whimsy in it to keep it feeling young–such a perfect balance.  And, of course, you gotta love all that color.  Um…yes, I’ll take those drapes!


And here is my Look For Less version of this space.

Look 4 Less-Colorful Kids Room

Instead of wallpaper, I found a similar looking stencil that is a much cheaper option.  I threw in another Rast Dresser project as well.  Just a few coats of lime green paint and some turquoise knobs are all you need to get the same look.  And would you believe that cute little zebra rocking horse I found is under $50!!  The drapes are also a steal.  So there you have it.

You can find all the sources for this “Look for Less” here or by clicking the image above–except the stencil.  You can find that here.

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As always, thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday.

Shoes and Art

A few months ago I found this great tufted storage bench at Ross for a great deal.  It’s like it was just waiting for me to find it–that’s how perfect it is.  I did a happy dance inside when I found it.  It was the exact dimensions I wanted for a shoe bench behind our smaller sofa.

Here is a look at the inside.  I know it’s not very organized, but I’m just glad the shoes are hidden and have a designated spot.

It’s also a great spot to sit and take shoes on and off.

The next project I want to show you is my bedroom artwork.  Here is another look.

Here is a shot of the whole thing.

These are prints from a Georgia O’Keefe calendar that I had almost 10 years ago.  Yes, I held on to them for that long just waiting for a spot to hang them.  She is one of my favorite artists and I am so drawn to her work.  I just picked up some inexpensive frames and mattes at Michaels, and popped them right in.  The prints were free, so the only cost was the frames.

I’m so happy to be finally enjoying these prints that have sat in my closet for so long.

Just Added: Pink and Orange Pillows

I’ve just added a bunch of new pillows to my shop.  This time around there is an abundance of coral, pink, and orange patterns.  I  LOVE these colors together and am always drawn to them.  I have to keep telling myself not to buy any more fabrics in these colors because I have way too many.  But they just make me so happy and I can’t resist!  Here are few of the newest additions.

 Orange and Pink Fireworks

Coral and White Trellis

Green and Pink Ikat

Orange Geometric

Colorful Stripes

Orange and Pink Geometric Squares

Here are a few non-pink pillows as well.

Blue Ikat

Yellow and White Medallion

I love the yellow and blue one paired together.  You can check out more new pillows in my shop–and yes, you may find a few more pink and orange patterns there too.  What can I say–it’s an addiction!