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This Week: Favorite Color Combos

This week I’m bringing you tons of inspiration with my top 5 favorite color combos.  Whether you prefer color in your home to be big and bold or understated, any of these color combos can work for you.  Prepare to fall in love…


Budget Tip of the Day:  Blue and Orange

The blue and orange combo is currently my favorite (as you’ve seen from my boys’ room).  They are complementary colors, which means that they both make each other stand out.  There are lots of ways to put these colors to work in a room through paint and fabric.  Even just a few throw pillows can add a big punch to any space and are an affordable way to add color.  Whatever shade you choose, blue and orange will always look great together.


via DecorPad


via House of Turquoise






Come back tomorrow for another favorite color combo.