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DIY Artwork

diy artworkBudget Tip of the Day: Books and Calendars

Books and calendars are such a great place to find inexpensive DIY artwork. If you are not opposed to tearing pages out of a book, you can find some amazing treasures to adorn your walls. Just carefully tear out and cut to size. Pop it in a frame and there you go. The same goes for calendars. Use books and past calendars you already have, or shop the clearance section of any bookstore. The sunflower book pictured here was only $1.00 on clearance and is full of hundreds of beautiful images. This also works great for kids rooms. Just frame pages of a children’s book. Try using something a little vintage looking or a nursery rhyme themed book to add some charm. If there is a particular artist or piece or
artwork you just adore, but cannot afford, search for a book with those artist’s images. You’ll save money and still have beautiful artwork to enjoy.

Come back tomorrow for a new DIY artwork idea.

diy artwork