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Decorating With Maps

Budget Tip of the Day: DIY Wallpaper

Yesterday I talked about using maps as budget artwork, but today I’m taking it one step further.  Why not create an entire wall or room of maps.  Sure you could buy pre-made map wallpaper, but you can put together a far more interesting look with a collection of individual maps.

via Steven Gambrel

Just start with one and keep layering on top.  You can use a variety of adhesives.  Good old wallpaper paste applied with a paint roller will work fine.  Or you can try a mixture of glue and water, or good old Mod Podge.  The maps don’t have to be the same.  Just choose one’s with similar hues and colors.  The pale bluish, greenish tones will set a soothing background for any space.  The layers will also add lots of depth and texture, creating a cozy space you’ll love coming home to.  Depending on the color tone, maps can create a fun kid space or something a little more grown-up and sophisticated.

Are you ready to be blown away by these mapped out rooms?!

Let’s start with my favorite.  The stripes paired with the blue/green maps are to die for.  I would love to sleep in this room.

Aren’t these hanging globes just fantastic!  What a fun space.

via The Land of Nod

Look at how great this one looks without covering the entire wall space.  You could easily do this on any wall by layering just a few maps and letting that stand alone as an art piece.

via Southern Living

via domino

via Pottery Barn

Come back tomorrow for another tip on decorating with maps.