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Trim Molding Ideas

Trim Molding Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Picture Frames

Give new life to any picture frame by adding some decorative molding. This trim molding idea is a fun, smaller project that will add character to your frame and give it that extra special touch. Flat frames will work best for this project. Have your molding cut to size and then simply attach it to the frame using wood glue. Let it dry completely and then give it a couple coats of spray paint in the color of your choice. Check out my step by step process below.

Here is what I started with.  I picked up this 2-pack of frames for $1.00 at the thrift store.  They were nice and flat–so perfect for this project.  I bought one 8 ft. piece of dental trim molding at Lowe’s for $7.00.  I measured my frame and cut the molding to size.

I attached the pieces with a little wood glue.  Don’t worry if the molding design doesn’t match up perfectly in the corners.  It rarely does.

Some of the corners didn’t match up perfectly, so I used some wood filler to fill in the gaps.

Some white spray paint, a few of my pictures, and voila!

I think they turned out great.  It was such a simple and cheap project.  The hard part was choosing which molding to use.  They had a lot of designs that I liked, but in the end I went with this one because it was on sale.  I hope this week has inspired you to try your hand at some molding.

Trim Molding Ideas

Trim Molding Baseboards

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Budget Tip of the Day: Cheaper Crown & Baseboards

I’ve posted previous tips about these trim molding ideas, but they are well worth mentioning again because they are so simple and cost much less than the real thing. You can easily create the illusion of crown molding and tall baseboards using a thinner piece of trim molding. For the crown molding, apply your trim molding piece a few inches down from the ceiling. Simply paint the molding and the space in between up to the ceiling. For the baseboards, do the same thing. Apply your molding a few inches above your existing baseboards. Paint the molding and the space in between down to the existing baseboard. You’ll want to install your molding using a hammer and finishing nails. Pound the nails in so they are flush with the molding and then cover the nail heads with a little putty or caulking. When it’s dry, add a little paint over top for a smooth and seamless look. A little elbow grease will give you fantastic looking crown molding and baseboards without breaking the bank.

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Trim Molding Crown

Trim Molding Crown

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Trim Molding Ideas

Trim Molding Ideas Windows

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Budget Tip of the Day: Updated Windows

Give your windows some presence and make a statement with this trim molding idea. Once again, take good measurements (always measure twice) and head to the hardware store. To get the look pictured here you’ll want to buy some decorative squares for each corner along with your selected trim molding. These are usually located in the same spot as the molding and shouldn’t be hard to find. You can cut the molding yourself if you’ve got a saw or miter box, or have the store do it for you. Because you’ll be using the corner squares, it won’t matter if the molding is cut straight or at a a 45 degree angle. Once your pieces are cut, give them a couple coats of paint. Then simply attach the molding using a strong adhesive, such as liquid nails. A little molding will completely transform a window that was once pretty plain and give you big bang for your buck. Talk about an easy transformation!

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Trim Molding Ideas

Trim Molding Ideas

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Budget Tip of the Day: Kitchen Island

If you’ve got a plain kitchen island, try using this trim molding idea to give it more style and presence. Find a trim that you like at the hardware store. If you take good measurements ahead of time, someone at the store will cut all the pieces for you. Be sure to have the ends cut at a 45 degree angle so the pieces fit together easily. Attach the trim with nails and fill the holes with putty. You can also use a strong adhesive to attach it instead. Paint your trim molding and island the same color or paint the trim (before installing!) a contrasting color for more drama. You’ll get an island with a furniture feel and an eye-catching feature in your kitchen–all for the cost of just a little trim.

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Trim Molding Ideas

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Trim Molding Ideas

Trim Molding Ideas Table

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Budget Tip of the Day: Side Table Style

Using decorative trim molding is such an easy and inexpensive way to add a little oomph and style to an array of things in your home. This week will be filled with trim molding ideas that are simple and affordable enough for anyone.  You can find wood trim molding at any hardware store, but you can also find it at craft stores in smaller lengths and sizes. You will need a hand miter saw to make your cuts (also available at craft stores), or have the hardware store cut the trim to size for you.  This trim molding idea is a perfect way to add some character to a side or night table. Use one style of trim or a few different ones, as pictured here. Paint your trim first and then attach it to the the drawer fronts using nails or wood glue, depending how thick the molding is. Screw in a new knob on top of the trim and you’re done. Adding trim molding will give you a custom, expensive looking piece of furniture with a very budget friendly price tag.

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