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This Week: Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Most of you have probably heard of chalkboard paint by now. It’s definitely all the rage these days for creating a space the whole family can use. So this week I’m giving you some fun, out of the box ideas for using this stuff. Did you know that it also comes in spray paint form?!  It’s cheap, easy, and most important-functional!

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Budget Tip of the Day: Personalized Chalkboard Chairs

With just one can of chalkboard spray paint, you can revamp any chair and turn it into a personalized spot for family members.  Or use them as erasable name cards for guests when you’re entertaining. Use chairs you already own or find a mismatched set at a thrift store. Paint them any color and let dry completely. Use the chalkboard spray paint and apply 2-3 coats to each chair back, making sure you cover or tape off any surrounding areas of the chair. That’s it! Now grab some chalk and get busy.
For step by step instructions on how to paint a chair, check out my thrift store chairs.

Come back tomorrow for a new chalkboard paint idea.


  1. Vicky says:

    I love the idea!!! I find my 2.5 year old always wanting to sit wherever I do! Lol this could just be a solution to my problem!!! Lol thank you fir sharing!!! Looking forward your other posts this week!!! I’m so inspired!!!

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